Speaking marketing, MixaWallet is the manifestation of Data-Driven Decision-Making connecting the worlds of retail chains and Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPG's).

What is MixaWallet?

MixaWallet is a comprehensive Shopper Engagement Ecosystem boosting data-driven collaboration between retailers & manufacturers through the concept of Personalized Offers.

From a shopper perspective, MixaWallet is a digital wallet allowing shoppers to receive personalized offers from their local favorite retailers, and learn more about loyalty programs of interest in their respective locales.

Personalized Offers are seamlessly consumed via text, email, and the mobile application. Offers are linked to shoppers' phone numbers. To redeem an offer, you simply enter your phone number during checkout.

How does it work?

Retailers and manufacturers use MixaWallet to empower their existing marketing operations and directly connect with shoppers in an interactive relationship.

Retailers and manufacturers create data science driven promotions and push them to shoppers at home, in-store, and on the go.

Shoppers using MixaWallet can then easily receive and redeem these personalized offers at exactly the right time and place.

Putting it all together.

MixaWallet achieves the perfect harmony between retailers, manufacturers, and shoppers.

To check out MixaWallet from a shopper perspective, visit mixawallet.com.