Revamping Retail With Artificial Intelligence 

Seeloz empowers retail chains to leverage AI in streamlining operations and leveling up their customer engagement through personalisation. Additionally, the platform enables retailers to have a win-win Data-Driven Collaboration with manufacturers. 

Supply Chain Optimization

Through a solid understanding of individual customer needs, Seeloz allows retailers to better forecast demand for every location, market, geography, etc. This smartness is then propagated across the whole supply chain decisions to infuse more accuracy and minimize inefficiencies.

Seeloz' Replenishment Optimization automatically puts placement orders with quantities and timings varying on a per-item-basis to better accommodate end customer needs.   

Personalized Marketing

MixaWallet is a comprehensive Shopper Engagement Ecosystem boosting data-driven collaboration between retailers & manufacturers through the concept of Personalized Marketing.

MixaWallet allows retailers to engage shoppers with personalized offers to be seamlessly consumed via text, email, and the mobile application. Offers are linked to shoppers' phone numbers. To redeem an offer, you simply enter your phone number or scan your loyalty card during checkout.

Through MixaWallet, Retailers and manufacturers collaborate in putting together AI-driven promotional campaigns with a superior ROI for all parties. 

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