Seeloz leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to deliver a unique Data-Driven Decision-Making solution for various industry verticals. 

Entity Modeling Engine

Think of a moneyball, a magical engine that understands all variable aspects of any business and perfectly assists users in making optimal decisions for every business angle...That’s the Entity Modeling Engine. 

Capable of processing billions of data signals from the typical data sources of any enterprise, our engine unlocks the inherent relationships and correlations between the various entities, variables, events and factors affecting the business health.  

This engine is the foundation of our entire platform. Through its solid understanding about the business components, our platform can accurately forecast the future performance of any of these components and recommend ways to optimize this performance. 

More importantly, our platform leverages this business analysis in fully automating some of the business workflows in a way that minimizes operational inefficiencies and financial waste.

And what makes it better is that the predictive modeling and forecasting capabilities get stronger and more accurate as it continuously processes more and more data about the business on an ongoing basis.

Effective Artificial Intelligence = Better Enterprise Profitability. 

Seamless Integration

Think a "Layer of Smartness" on top of existing IT systems, optimizing the different workflows of any enterprise. 

You might expect an enormous integration needed with the different IT systems, with lengthy and never-ending projects. Right?

Not the case! 

With Seeloz' non-disruptive approach, your existing business processes get empowered… not overhauled. Through our seamless IT integration process, Seeloz gets your enterprise up-and-running in days to weeks and you immediately start to see the tangible ROI.

Multi-Level Consumption

Seeloz empowers every player in the organization with real-time dashboards, KPIs, and recommended actions.

Every player gets exactly what she needs based on her job responsibilities and visibility ranges. 

Nothing more... nothing less!