MixaWallet: Connecting with Shoppers

September 23, 2014

All marketers face a primary challenge, how to connect with their target audience.

A common refrain is "We've got all this great data, but what do we do with it?" Or, "How do we turn information into engagement that will ultimately lead to increased foot traffic or offer redemptions?" Seeloz' answers to these questions comes in the form of MixaWallet, a digital wallet that is our consumer facing platform that includes a smartphone app and a easy to use, lightweight registration and a super-simple redemption process. With the introduction of MixaWallet, we're out to change the consumer shopping experience by transforming transactional data via the Seeloz platform into dynamic content delivered to a shopper's "digital wallet" using hyper local marketing campaigns. All this is done by empowering and integrating data science with the back end of marketing operations like never before. Ultimately, it's an end-to-end solution; complete with a data science engine, promotion management, efficient mobile delivery, and a simple redemption process (all shoppers need to redeem is a phone number tied to a MixaWallet account). Stay tuned to learn more as we roll out the MixaWallet platform in select markets across the US in Fall 2014.