New Age Marketing: The Art of Leveraging Science

September 9, 2014

GrowthBeat 2014 was an amazing experience and the Seeloz team had a great opportunity to connect with other thought leaders across the marketing spectrum.

A lot of what was being talked about was the challenge that marketing/sales professionals were up against when it comes to truly understanding the actionable outcomes of the massive amounts of data out there.

Basically, how can we derive information that is going to help achieve the business objectives around marketing strategies, and what software solutions are best from pulling that information out of the data.

The consensus was that the most under-leveraged type of data and the data that could potentially be the most impactful was one and the same; data related to describing individual customer attributes.

Having the right software in place to extract that data and make sense of it, to use it to actually tell compelling stories about shoppers, geographies, etc. would fundamentally change the perception of marketing.

Instead of Don Draper and his cronies sitting on mahogany desks with their creative hats on dreaming up customer personas, we could have data science driven software that pulls the data, creates the persona, and designs customized promotions.

A Digital Don Draper if you will.

A scalable oracle of data science with built in artistic intelligence.

Access to DDD (Digital Don Draper) would totally change the way marketer approach customer engagement.

Here at Seeloz, we're working on bringing DDD to life with a data driven application that makes it easy for retailers and manufacturers to achieve business objectives with a platform that is all about increasing collaboration, shopper engagement, and marketing ROI (without the cigars and heavy office furniture).

Check out the video of our CEO Mohamed Aly at GrowthBeat to learn more and stay tuned for more updates on the Digital Mr. Draper.