Control Tower

Conventional Supply Chain Control Towers are usually built on data analytics platforms to monitor and manage resources. With limited effectiveness, these platforms frequently provide delayed data analysis resulting in reactive decision making.

Working with traditional system limitations, human operators must frequently navigate existing / future data challenges manually, an increasingly difficult task considering today’s extreme supply chain complexities and velocity.

To overcome these challenges and allow people to thrive in this environment, the Control Tower AI Engine autonomously monitors various supply chain performance aspects, detecting current or potential (future) anomalies and irregularities.

Leveraging the power of AI, Control Tower correlates anomalies (at varying levels of granularity) across Demand, Inventory, and Supply. By analyzing these anomalies and the related supply chain scenarios, Control Tower enables Operators by accurately identifying root causes and recommending corrective actions.

This represents a fundamental paradigm shift in Supply Chain Management. Rather than playing catch up with supply chain movements, human operators are empowered with AI driven Decision Support, enhancing risk mitigation, increasing operational efficiency, and maximizing profit.

Applicable to various supply chain processes, Control Tower continuously (and autonomously) delivers value across Inventory Management, Transportation, and Supplier Management.