SCAS (Supply Chain Automation Suite) is the world’s first fully Autonomous Requirements Planning engine, powered by AI. Made up of two complementary products (AP&I and Control Tower), SCAS redefines how supply chain planning is managed.

Autonomous Procurement & Inventory (AP&I)

AP&I replaces traditional Demand Planning (separately generated forecasts) with an AI Engine that continuously learns supply chain behaviors with Cross-Supply Chain Visibility based on current & past events.

Using plug-and-play integration with existing ERP systems, AP&I replaces traditional equation-driven Inventory Planning with autonomously generated Planned Replenishment Orders at unprecedented levels of timeliness, accuracy, and profitability.

Control Tower

The SCAS Control Tower is built on a powerful AI Engine that continuously detects supply chain anomalies and irregularities based on Cross-Supply Chain Visibility of current & past events.

Applying learned correlations, the Control Tower determines Root Causes for any anomaly and delivers Actionable Insights empowering the business user to proactively mitigate risks in near real time.