Partner Ecosystem

To deliver at scale, Seeloz regularly engages global partners through the PartnerAIM Ecosystem. Through this network, collaborations are facilitated through three distinct programs designed to optimize strengths, build revenue, and delight customers.

  • Strategic Public-Private Partnerships (SPPP)
  • Strategic Go-To-Market Partnerships (SGTM)
  • Function-Specific Partnerships

Strategic Public-Private Partnerships (SPPP)

Direct and exclusive partnership for governments / jurisdictions to optimize government- managed supply chains across verticals.

Strategic Go-To-Market Partnerships (SGTM)

Joint Venture partnership model for private sector supply chain players; granting exclusive regional coverage and implementation support.

Function-Specific Partnerships

In addition to Strategic Partnerships, PartnerAIM also has a tiered functional partnership model with dynamic revenue sharing based on delivery responsibilities.

Partner Application