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Seeloz was founded in 2013 to effectively harness the power of AI and Automation in optimizing operational efficiency for enterprises across different industry verticals. Based at the heart of the Silicon Valley, Seeloz is an emerging leader in the Vertical-Specific AI-Driven (aka, Vertical AI) software space. Through developing point solutions tailored for specific industries and leveraging AI in addressing major business challenges, Seeloz aims at becoming one of the main catalysts of the wave of AI-driven Automation across the industry.


Mohamed Aly

Founder & CEO

Amir Razelan

President Seeloz (M) Sdn. Bhd.
VP of Operations

Zain Khan

Founder & CEO, Citizen.VC

Al Carmona

Consulting Industry Veteran

Shozo Ohtani

Serial Entrepreneur in Technology

Mohamed Aly, Ph.D.

Mohamed Aly is a data scientist with vast academic and industrial experience in building large scale software platforms harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in solving complex industrial problems. Before founding Seeloz, Mohamed was a senior research engineer at Yahoo! Research where he teamed up with world-class scientists and engineers to develop a web-scale user modeling platform for behavioral targeting. During his graduate studies, Mohamed interned at Google Research where he developed data mining techniques that effectively make use of the users' social activities to improve contextual advertising. Mohamed's state-of-the-art research studies in large-scale user modeling are regularly published in top-tier conferences for Internet research and data mining. Throughout his career, Mohamed developed a solid and diversified expertise in artificial intelligence, data science and big data engineering which he leverages to lead Seeloz to be the premiere player leveraging AI in injecting Automation and optimizing processes across the various industry verticals . Mohamed holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt and a Master's and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Amir Razelan

Amir A. Razelan is a seasoned leader with broad experience in technology, operations and start-ups. He has over 20 years of experience holding various engineering and management positions at Siemens, Infineon/Qimonda (a Siemens subsidiary), and various start-ups in the Silicon Valley and Malaysia. At Seeloz, Amir manages business operations including post-sales account management, business process integration, and reseller/partner relationships. Prior to joining Seeloz, he co-founded and co-managed a consulting company providing solutions to bridge the gaps between Asia-Pacific and Silicon Valley entities, in terms of strategic partnership, connections, as well as those looking to establish presence in the regions. Amir holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Bradley University and a Master's of Science in Engineering Management from San Jose State University.

Shozo Ohtani

Shozo is a successful entrepreneur in technology and consumer industry with over 30 years of US and international experience. His work experience includes board membership, corporate management and technology business management roles with a combination of multi-national corporations and startups initiated by high-profile entrepreneurs both in the US and Asia-Pacific. Shozo is now an independent management consultant, providing "One Stop Strategic Solutions" for startups and growth stage startups aiming at sealing strategic partnership connections in Asia-Pacific and vicinity regions as well as those looking for potential angel/seeds type investments from Asian investors. Prior to the current consulting service, he was a co-founder of Zentek and built it from scratch to over $1B market CAP Company and took it through all stages. He has a dual major, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.

Al Carmona

Al Carmona is a 28 year consulting industry veteran and is Executive Vice President at Mars & Co, an international strategy consulting firm. He has deep experience in a wide variety of areas including business model redesign, brand strategy, pricing and demand building optimization, competitive analysis, portfolio optimization, cost and supply chain optimization, business unit turnarounds, acquisition and divestiture analysis and related organizational development. He has direct experience in a range of industries including consumer packaged goods, retail, automotive, apparel, private equity and financial services. Mr. Carmona has a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from Wharton.

Zain Khan

Zain is the Co-Founder & CEO at Citizen.VC, a venture focused FinTech startup and early-stage investor built and backed by top names in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. He has been one of the early employees at Google where he was the first one running International Business Operations and grew Google Corporate IT from 35 employees in 1 office to 10,000+ in 20 offices across the world. During his tenure, he created processors and best practices that are currently applied by top Silicon Valley players like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Since founding OZ Ventures in 2005 and prior to Citizen.VC, he invested in ~50 startups. Currently, he's on the Board of Directors or Advisor to 5 startups.


Billions in food and medicine go to waste every year : of production

With the power of AI and Automation, we can cut down losses by up to

Seeloz’ Operational Optimization System (OOS) makes the future of supply chain a reality.


In both the healthcare and food industries, billions are lost annually due to waste caused by supply chain inefficiencies.

Waste comes down to four primary challenge areas





These challenges can be traced to a primary root cause; ERP data not being connected to Customer Data. Equipped with the power of AI, we’re out to change that through a never-seen-before layer of smartness bridging that disconnect.



Seeloz’ Operational Optimization System (OOS) is an AI-Driven software solution that minimizes inefficiencies.

The OOS builds a layer of smartness into the gap between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and customer data.

With AI driven workflows, day-to- day operations are empowered with the intelligent understanding of current and forecasted needs.

The OOS is composed of two components:

  • Decision Support System
  • Process Automation

Seeloz offers tailored OOS versions for each of the players across the healthcare and food value chains:

  • Providers (Hospitals & Retail Chains)
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers


The Decision Support System empowers decision makers with actionable insights derived from 360 data views.

Performance Monitoring:Proactively address the future with Big Data KPIs detailing the next best actions based on past/current/forecasted performance.

Root Cause Analysis:Our AI-driven Correlation Engine brings together a cross-enterprise visibility to deliver insights into the causes that determines operational performance.

Smart Alerts:An AI Engine that automatically detects anomalies/irregularities, notifies users, determines roots cause, and proactively recommends corrective actions.


Process Automation leverages AI to inject Automation into daily workflows across the supply chain.

The Process Automation solution has four modules that can work together or independently:

Autonomous Procurement:Sets (or recommends) the optimal amount to procure from each item to optimize customer satisfaction and minimize all sorts of waste.

Autonomous Inventory:Sets (or recommends) the optimal amount to keep from every item at each warehouse.

Proactive Salesman:recommends to the sales representative what to sell to each customer, at each location, at what price with recommended discounts applies. Totally takes the guesswork out of sales.

Autonomous Delivery Scheduler:Optimizes delivery schedules to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize supply chain inefficiencies.

With AI driven Process Automation, we can forecast needs, determine target inventory levels, and optimize re-ordering at the warehouse level to reduce supply waste by 50-80%.


Pharmaceutical waste is a worldwide problem. Expired drugs account for $100B+ in annual loss in the US alone.

OOS helps hospital operators minimize inefficiencies and waste across the hospital departments & the IDN supply chain, particularly at the pharmacy, surgery and materials management departments.

With Autonomous Procurement & Autonomous Inventory driving supply chain decisions through a deep understanding of patient needs, pharmaceutical waste resulting from expired supply, overstocking, stock outs, and cross-warehouse movement of supply items is reduced across the board.

Not only OOS automates overall supply procurement and stocking for any IDN at the warehouse and hospital location levels, but it also automates the movement and stocking of supply across hospital departments and substores to minimize all forms of supply waste within every hospital.

The OOS Ecosystem includes a beneficial value proposition to each of the major players in the healthcare ecosystem, including tailored OOS versions for hospitals, distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


According to the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), waste across the food supply chain ranges between 20% and 30% in developed countries.

OOS empowers food distributors and wholesalers to minimize inefficiencies and waste across the supply chain through injecting AI-driven smartness into the different daily supply management workflows including sales, procurement, inventory management and delivery. Similarly, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers who run their own direct-store-delivery supply chains can benefit from OOS to optimize their supply chain performance in the same way.

With OOS driving supply chain decisions through a deep understanding of per-retail-location shopper needs, food waste resulting from expired supply, overstocking, stock outs, and cross-warehouse movement of supply items is reduced across the board.

FMCG retailers can benefit from OOS to automate their supply procurement, stocking and display activities and make them fully driven by shopper interests”.



OOS is built on a solid Data Warehouse represented by a proprietary packaging of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

HDFS is built to support applications with large data sets, including individual files that reach into the terabytes.


Apache Spark is a powerful open-source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics.

It was originally developed at UC Berkeley in 2009. Since its release, Apache Spark has seen rapid adoption by enterprises across a wide range of industries.

Internet powerhouses such as Netflix, Yahoo, and eBay have deployed Spark at massive scale, collectively processing multiple petabytes of data on clusters of over 8,000 nodes..


OOS’ built-in smartness layer is designed to analyze and correlate data, present actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decision, and ultimately inject automation into daily workflows.

To ensure the real-time high scalability of this AI layer, the OOS incorporates an In-Memory Database (IMDB) running seamlessly on top of HDFS.


Have a quick chat with a Seeloz representative and see OOS in action. Your supply chain
with thank you.

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